Jerry Lawler Thinks Jim Ross Will Return To WWE TV

Posted by Brad Davis February 24, 2011 6 Comments

During an interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler said that his longtime friend Jim Ross will indeed return to WWE television in the near future.

“JR and I had some tremendous chemistry,” Lawler said, “But I don’t think you’ve seen the last of that. I think JR will be back on the air in some capacity. He’s too good not to utilise.

A lot of people don’t realise what the situation is with him. He had a couple — I guess three now — real serious bouts of Bell’s Palsy, which is very similar in effects to a stroke. They don’t really know, but they think the attacks are brought on by stress. Nobody takes their job more seriously than good old JR.”

“The reason Vince has kept him off TV all this time is because he’s concerned with his health. He’s worried that if he puts him back out there regularly, he’ll have another Bell’s Palsy attack.”

Lawler also spoke about never wrestling at WrestleMania despite 17 years with the company – and why he may finally get his chance to wrestle on the biggest stage of them all.

“I’ve been with WWE for 17 years and that’s something I’ve never achieved,” he said. “I remember in 2007, when Vince came to me and said they were going to induct me into the Hall of Fame, I said that I didn’t want to. He said: ‘What do you mean, you don’t want to?’ I replied: ‘Most people feel like your career is over when you go into the Hall of Fame, like in baseball or football or something. Also, I’ve never done that much here, Vince. I’ve never won a title, I’ve never even wrestled on a WrestleMania.’ He said: ‘What? You’ve never wrestled on a Wrestlemania in all the years you’ve been here? That’s a tragedy. We’ve got to fix that next year. “That was his mindset then, but things get put on the backburner. First 2008 came and I didn’t get a match, then 2009 came and I didn’t get a match, then 2010.

“But I must say that there’s never really been a point in time in those years when I’ve been involved as much as I have been as of late. So if there ever was a time for it to happen, I think this would be the most advantageous. “And would I love to have a WrestleMania match? Oh boy, yes. Other than getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, that would maybe be the highlight of my career to finally get to perform there.”

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    • sumguy

      I’m actually glad to see that the King is going to wrestle at wrestlemania, yeah to some ppl it may be corny but I honestly feel like if the king is trying to accomplish a dream of his and that’s to wrestle at wrestlemania, I say Go King. Hope he beats the living day lights out of Cole but yeah glad that King gets to wrestle at wrestlemania

    • Tim O

      I’d love to see goood old JR back on tv with the King as long as it dose not affect his health !!

    • this guy

      the king definetly deserves this he has put just has much work in this company as the other vets like hhh, taker, michaels, austin, etc u can even say he has put in more since he was there b4 those superstars, so good job vince bout time the king got his due and also go king kick the crappy of cole so we cant hear his annoying voice anymore

    • TheMaskedKane

      Really really really nice to hear Jerry now to accomplish his dream of having a WrestleMania match, though its not for the “big time” though…
      And I hope the Lawler-Cole match would push JR’s return cause I’m sick and tired of the “dead air” commentary (you know, commentators are, most of the time, quiet during a match, not saying much) and the comeback moments, they’re not exciting anymore without JR…

    • Hobble

      So JR is the Raw GM… That’s what I got from that.

      • nope

        What I get out of it is Lawler will beat Cole up so bad at WM that Cole will have to take a lengthy leave of absence to ‘recover’ – at which time JR will be brought in as his ‘replacement’…then when Cole comes back he’ll go back to doing just one of the two shows, JR will continue on with the other.

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