Jillian Hall’s Face After Falling At Her Boyfriend’s House (Photos)

Posted by Matt Boone December 12, 2013 10 Comments

Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall recently tweeted the following photos of her face after falling down stairs in her boyfriend’s home recently:

  • Yeah

    Falling, pushed, what’s the difference

  • charley ramirez

    HA! “fell”

  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny says Jillian Hall hasn’t looked that bad since the Boogie Man bit that “growth” off her neck.

  • tony


  • ouch my face

    “My head is throbbing but did at least avoid getting stitched.. Darn those stairs!!”

    - STAIRS should be read FISTS

  • Don’t beat chicks

    Jillian “Officer I swear they were stairs that my face hit.” Boyfriend in the background balling his fist like “Say a word and your face will get the stairs again.” But on serious note hopefully that was really the stairs.

  • Always beat chicks

    Obviously she was pregnant. Was.

  • Mr. no days off

    well, she told me to give it to her good. And, I did…

  • Daniel Garcia

    yeah she “fell”

  • DaDirtiest

    poor lil whore needs to get off the dope and outta the abusive relationship shes in

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