Jim Ross Blasts WWE In New Rant On Twitter

Jim Ross wrote a rant on Twitter this morning following being called in for Saturday night’s RAW taping in Mexico City (Spoilers). Here’s what the man who served as WWE’s Head Of Talent Relations during some of their most successful years had to say:

“Found out about mexico city late Thursday. Not happy to miss OU game but EVP talent & Co could care less. Nice way 2 go out on wk’ly TV.”

“I’m under contract to wwe. Well paid by team I helped build. Quitting for me not an option. Those that suggest such I feel for.”

“Do I like Raw GM silliness? No. If inclined could I handle that role? Sure. Am I interested? Nope.”

“Leaving Mexico City. Mon’s Raw could well be my last but who really knows? John L & his higher ups know. Hope u tune into Raw Mon nite.”

“4 the record, play by play in WWE’s dead. Funkhauser,the GM, enforces ‘story telling’ on Raw. Holds don’t exist. WWE board needs counseling.”

“If Laurinaitis & his corporate cronies feel Cole is the ‘voice of Raw’ then they are more out of touch than I thought. Fans want wrestling.”

“Funkhauser/ Raw GM is available for speaking engagement for schools for the hearing impaired. Contact @CMPunk 4 more info. This is too easy.”

“When announcers speak of something. TOTALLY unrelated 2 what viewers are seeing on TV screen it’s disconnect. Does GM&cronies not get that?”

“The naive fan thinks some announcers can solve perceived WWE broadcast issues. News flash…THEY CAN’T. Announcers being ‘Funkhausered’.”

“Note to Laurinaitis & peer hungry cronies: over mgmt of all broadcasters akin to putting a bit in a horse’s mouth. It’s all about control.”

“Funkhauser, hello. Doing English speaking, in ring promos to Spanish speaking audience=no reaction. Duh. Oh, wait my bad, WWE’s ‘global.’

“My financial status isn’t anyones business. I know the drill for me in OKC. I’m a big boy & realistic. Raw is a tv show not my life.”

“I can assure anyone who cares or thinks they need to know the dirt. I have zero booking ahead for WWE weekly or PPVs. Believe what u choose.”