Jim Ross Blog: HHH vs. Lesnar, Glenn Beck, HOF Announcement

Posted by Matt Boone February 26, 2013 1 Comment

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross published a new blog on JrsBarbq.com. Here are some highlights.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: “I am hopeful that HHH vs. Lesnar is a major part of WM29 and I have NO issues with this or any other viable match being a ‘return’ contest. Those that have issues with big time matches having a second go around have issues that I honestly can’t fully fathom. I can’t think of too many, major WWE main events that haven’t had a return match with the exception of a small handful. This concept has been around since before I got in the business in 1974 and is a viable part of the fabric of what sports entertainment is.”

Glenn Beck not appearing on RAW: “I did not miss Glenn Beck not appearing on RAW. As I’ve said, I’m not a political animal and I hadn’t even heard Glen Beck’s name mentioned since he exited CNN. I’d suggest that Beck got more publicity over this WWE business than he has for any thing else that’s happened in his career except when Bill Maher occasionally makes fun of him on Maher’s HBO show.”

Donald Trump in the WWE Hall of Fame: “Amazes me how some who follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ or hit our Q&A section of the site can differentiate a WWE HOF induction for a celeb from an active participant. Donald Trump going in the ‘celebrity wing’ is essentially an honorary award and should not be confused with someone like Bruno or even a broadcaster like Mean Gene Okerlund. However for some reason there are many who feel that Trump is going into the WWE HOF over say, for instance, Macho Man Randy Savage, etc. That’s simply NOT the case but many refuse to want to understand this matter.

“BTW Donald Trump made many contributions to WWE including WM’s 4&5 and his involvement in the hair match with Mr. McMahon at WM23 did huge business.”

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    • starkiller 22

      don’t think anyone REALLY cares about HHH/Lesnar 2… or even Cena/ Rock 2. The problem lies with how they (WWE) books it… Don’t freakin say its “once in a lifetime”. i understand there are ALWAYS return matches Rock/Austin 3 times, Rock/hogan 2 times, Shawn/ Taker 2 times for instance. Not to mention none of those were ever claimed to happen “once in a life time”. Now if WWE was using that label in reference to the two characters and there popularity , and where they come from? then i say even thats false … i consider hogan/ rock 1 wayyyy bigger of a match ditto for any of the 3 rock/austin wrestlemania matches. and no i dont give crap about the buy rates and all the “numbers” that say otherwise. i dont maybe im getting too old to be watching this haha.

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