Jim Ross Blog: John Cena vs. Cesaro, The Rise Of Roman Reigns & More

Posted by Brad Davis February 18, 2014 6 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog with some thoughts about Monday’s RAW, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

Rising Stars Getting Exposure “For many it was a good night of exposure: Daniel Bryan, who just a few weeks ago was being eulogized by many of his fans, the Shield, who had multiple ‘moments’ throughout the broadcast, Cesaro, who is so good just ring the bell and watch him demonstrate the art form of in ring wrestling, The Wyatt’s, who are rapidly evolving as stars and who, along with the Shield, have the opportunity to turn even more heads coming up on PPV.”

Roman Reigns: “Roman Reigns winning with his spear over Mark Henry was big…no pun intended. If I had to pick an early favorite to either be the WWE World Champion at WM31 or to win the title there, it would be Reigns. How Roman Reigns is ‘built’ going forward is imperative to the long term success of WWE as it relates to constructing the next, major, WWE superstar.”

Cesaro vs. John Cena: “Loved the Cena vs. Cesaro match. One of the best matches that Cena has had in a while. Cesaro is on the cusp of breaking through. Got lots of feedback on why Cesaro did not win and certainly, as it is almost always, an argument can be made on the topic of who wins and who loses. With great commentary, the loser can come out of a great presentation better than when going into the match. I thought Cesaro was made whole after Cena pulled one out in the bottom of the 9th that could have gone either way.”

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    • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

      he didnt win cuz he faced hulk ho…nvm john cena. cmon we all knew wwe doesnt let their golden boi every lose. Only way he does lose (which is rare) is if its dirty. yawn typical wwe

      • WonderWoman

        Right? I hate how they try to portray him as a Superman/Batman type hero when he’s always been more of a Robin.

        • Ernesto Warmachine De Jesus

          Don’t insult robin like that….

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel


        • Gregory Mays

          What I hate, is that the Cena Hate has gone on so long, it no longer holds meaning.

          Cena is the bridge that connects this generation to the past. Cena deserves his spot because if nothing else he is still in the ring busting his ass.

          Outside of Kurt Angle who jumped ship, HBK, HHH, Jericho, Bastista, Lesnar, JBL, Edge, Umaga, Big Show, and The Rock, are all on the short list of people Cena has been able to outlast for one reason or another. The only other person of his generation that can compare to Cena, is Orton and as good as he became, he had
          issues with injuries and wellness throughout his career.

          Cena has been the company workhorse for years now, and maybe he has been a big fish and a small pond, but he has carried the wwe on his shoulders.

          It’s not his fault the rightful heir to the WWE throne Kurt Angle, left cause he was fed up with McMahon and HHH, and had his own issues with wellness.

          And I wanted to see RVD run WWE as much as anybody and I stand completely behind his stance on Marijuana. But, I can’t fault WWE wanting to distance themselves from that kind of attention on their top guy.

          Cena has been a stand-up guy, that now as a publicly traded company, WWE has always been able to get behind and trust he would be good for marketing, sponsorships, make a wish, tribute to the troops, and all the things that come with being the face of the WWE in this day in age.

          He has not only handled this responsibility, he has thrived with it and has only asked for more, never complaining.

          While WWE will always cater to the rabid fans that like extreme spots and crude behavior or pure fans that just enjoy a great performance by superb athletes, when it comes to the top spot, WWE always wants somebody they can trust.

          No worries about your top guy jumping ship, and wanting to dictate to you how he will drop the belt.

          No worries about an Austin/Punk ego trip and leaving with no warning.

          No worries about your biggest start leaving for Hollywood.

          No worries about your champion being busted on a drug charge.

          Cena has done it all and has continued to stand by his love for the wrestling business, and has shown nothing but respect for all the history so many fans hold dear, but condemn Cena for not living up to it.

          But at 37, he still wants to continue to push himself and this new generation and continue to be an example of what it means to be THE MAN in the WWE.

          Cena may not be able to hold a candle to the performers he has outlasted above, but the fact that he has outlasted them and actual wants to build up the next generation is probably his greatest legacy.

          Cena has been the least egotistical champion in history that could be compared to the level of Hogan or Austin.

          He has only ever wanted to do his best. He has never been rumored to angle for his position; no one has ever spoken against Cena for keeping them down.

          Cena may be far from the best, but at this point how could any continue to say he sucks.

          For being the man to transition WWE from the old great era to this new rising era, he deserves the same respect as any other legitimate future hall of famer.

          However with his luck, he will probably get a Cena Sucks chant at his HoF acceptance. However being the man he is, I’m sure he would just smile, and thank the fans for their continued passion throughout his career.

          It’s sad that kind of character is so under appreciated by the “WWE

      • Gregory Mays

        He didn’t win because it wasn’t the right time, he out worked Cena in the Ring, even brought Cena’s game up a bit. But Cesaro going clean over Cena on Raw would have been dumb.
        The match had such great physcology, it showed just how close Cesaro is to the top, without over shadowing the Elemination Chamber, where Cena is a clear favorite to Win, but anything can happen in the WWE.
        Cesaro over Cena, should definintly be clean, but it should also mean something. It should not be in the shadow of the Elimination Chamber or even the World Title at this point, which should go to D.Bryan before anyone else.
        Just wishful thinking if both lose at the chamber, I think this would be great way for Cesaro to get a WM showcase by having a grudge match with Cena.
        On the heels of his partner Swagger finally getting a decent push for the intercontential title.
        Cesaro vs Cena at mania, if fueled with a legit angle, would be great.
        A fresh match up for Cena, wanting to prove his time is not over yet, A talented new Cesaro looking to prove his time is now, with the differences in background and with Zeb in the mix, It almost writes itself.
        In my opinion this is far from “Typical WWE” this is actually good storytelling, and a building toward a new generation. By letting them garner interest by there preformance and not gimicks, IE: Danial Bryan, Roman Reigns, and now Cesaro.

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