Jim Ross Blog: McMahon Family Conflict, Ryback’s Heel Character, Wyatt Family

The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On the McMahon family & Daniel Bryan: “The end game for the McMahon Family conflict interests me especially considering that #1 contender for the WWE Title @WWEDanielBryan is in the middle of it. Where is this matter heading? I’m happy that I have no idea. If Daniel Bryan were to win the WWE Title at Summer Slam, how would that affect the ‘family’ dynamic? Hmmm”

On Ryback: “Ryback had a good night even in a losing effort in the Tables Match vs. @JohnCena. Ryback seems to really enjoy his antagonist role and it fits him better and better each week. Being a great, wrestling villain is a skill that isn’t easily or quickly acquired. If Ryback had came along in the 70’s or 80’s, some promoter likely would have made him a ‘Russian’ or another non American to capitalize on a Nationalism story.”

On The Wyatt Family: “I’d be remiss without noting that The Wyatt Family had a solid night on RAW and that their vignettes introducing them to the WWE Universe were more golden than many perceive. They had an identity before they ever showed up in person on RAW. Reminds me of how Bill Watts established the Rock ‘n Roll Express in the Mid South Territory using music videos before Morton and Gibson physically arrived in the 80’s.”

Check out the complete blog online at JRsBarBQ.com.

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