Jim Ross Blog: RAW Thoughts, Evolution vs. The Shield, WWE’s Best Talkers List

The following are highlights from the latest blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On the opening segment of last night’s RAW: “The opening segment with the children’s choir eventually wearing sheep masks was provocative but at the end of the well produced segment I am not sure what was accomplished. Not sure why I did not ‘get it’ and you’re welcome to insert your own joke here as I am sure many will.”

“Bray Wyatt should win the cage match this Sunday at Extreme Rules in Jersey but who knows? Cena is still the face of the company and Wyatt escaping the cage, I am not an escape the cage aficionado BTW, helps the newcomer and doesn’t do any irreparable harm to Cena. Plus, it extends the story line one would assume.”

On Daniel Bryan: “The WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan is ‘injured’ and his title is in serious jeopardy via the story line but was that message made abundantly clear Monday night? The hero at risk is a good philosophical, pro wrestling trait. I still think that Kane and Bryan will have an overachieving match on Sunday.”

On Evolution vs. The Shield: “Older lions vs the new lions, IE Evolution vs. The Shield, have a clearly defined issue and should have a good one on Sunday. I’d expect the younger guys to get a signature win this Sunday. Not sure what the Ric Flair element did for the late show segment.”

On WWE’s 50 greatest talkers list: “Love the debate regarding WWE.com’s list of the top 50 greatest talkers in the history of the biz list that has created a fair amount of controversy which is exactly why ‘lists’ of any kind are comprised to start with. ‘Lists’ are subjective and can any list really be totally right or totally wrong? Not in my opinion.”

On Tyson Kidd: “See where Tyson Kidd is coming back on the road and is booked for WWE which I perceive is a good thing. Kidd is highly under utilized and a very talented professional. Hope he gets a break while he’s still young and can carry more of a load.”

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