Jim Ross Blog: TNA Lockdown PPV, Alex Riley’s Commentary Style, Josh Mathews

Posted by Matt Boone March 6, 2014 0 Comment

The following are highlights of the latest blog:

On ’s commentary style: “Impressed with Alex Riley on the pre game and post game ‘panel’ on the WWE Network. Alex comes by his talking skills naturally and seemingly has a long, productive future in his current role. I enjoyed working with Alex in NXT and feel he’s a potential star on the Network.”

On : “Host Josh Mathews also seemed more comfortable in his host role on the panel but the panelists talking over each other endlessly needs to lessen. I think that these pre and post game shows have unlimited potential. I like the casting of Mathews in this new role.”

On TNA’s upcoming “Lockdown” pay-per-view: “TNA has a PPV this Sunday emanating from South Florida called Lockdown. It troubles me that Kurt Angle is once again being saddled up and ridden into a mid card match at this stage of his game. Just an observation and not attacking TNA Impact who I hope continues to develop their own identity and they play to their strengths which is bell to bell physicality and aggressive storytelling.”

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