Jim Ross Blog: WWE Network Announcement, WWE TV Deals, Matt Morgan

Posted by Matt Boone January 8, 2014 0 Comment

The following are highlights from the latest online by Hall Of Famer :

On the : “Big day for WWE fans and those that earn a living within WWE. The long awaited announcement regarding the new, WWE Network is set for later today in Las Vegas. This will be a critical day in WWE history, one way or another… One major key to the success of this Network is the development of NEW programming as it cannot be only about the old, tape libraries. I can see live, interactive programming being produced on a daily basis which, if true, then it provides several talents with opportunities to contribute to the brand and the network… The other key to the network’s success is the airing of ALL the PPV’s live. Right now, WrestleMania is the most, “must see” PPV in WWE and some might argue it is the only “must see’ PPV in WWE. That point is arguable and is dependent upon the attraction.”

On WWE’s new television deals: “I see WWE getting a major bump in their rights fees from a cable network but I don’t hold the same optimism for TNA. Trust me, I hope that both companies score big time but its all about leverage in these types of negotiations (as in what have you done for me lately?) plus the ability to go LIVE on a weekly basis that most networks find very desirous.”

On : “Congrats on Matt Morgan on leaving the wrestling biz and getting an excellent day job where he can be a full time Dad and earn a great living with benefits.”

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