Jim Ross Blog: WWE Title Unification, Hogan-WrestleMania, RAW From OK

Posted by Brad Davis December 2, 2013 2 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

If He’ll Be At Tonight’s RAW From Oklahoma: “Been asked a great many times if I was going to be on or at RAW in OKC tonight and the answer is no but I will be watching from our home in Norman, Oklahoma. I hope WWE has great success in my home state and RAW, especially, gets a much needed ‘win.'”

At : “Another frequently asked topic concerns the potential of Hulk Hogan at WM30. I brought this up several weeks ago when his TNA contract expired as feel that Hulk could add to WM30 if strategically utilized and that doesn’t mean in a wrestling match. That would not be an option for me but there are endless, creative ways in which to use one of WWE’s all time biggest stars at their biggest event of the year and most earmarked WrestleMania since WM20.”

WWE Title Unification: “If the WWE and World Title are unified prior to WM30, apparently that is what is going to happen at the TLC PPV, then the biggest match currently, on paper at least for me at WM30 would be the Undisputed Champion vs. The Undertaker in a Title vs. The Streak match. Perhaps something else will get hot between now and April but as of today, unless more alums are brought back meaningfully, that seems to be the best main event available on the current roster.”

“There are many ways for one to book WM30 that doesn’t include that idea especially if one knows all the available parts for New Orleans and the creative trigger is pulled to begin the process to build ample anticipation for an event that cannot be just a luke warm success.”

“I’d strongly suggest that the absolute unification of the two, major titles in WWE happen at WM30 especially if the unified title is to mean all it can mean.”

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