Jim Ross Blogs About Creating a New Mega Star, Jerry Lawler’s Health and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog. Here are some highlights.

How to create a new mega star: “It’s obviously not easy and takes a combined effort from many areas but getting said talent on a roll is a significant part of the process. Taking a few chances along the way is usually necessary as does steering the course with the earmarked talent who must be motivated, smart, and hard working. Ironically, some talents don’t want the responsibility that comes with being one of the ‘top talents’ as it isn’t an easy assignment and only gets more challenging the more popular the talent becomes.

“Plus, the talent has to have the elusive ‘it’ factor which cannot be manufactured in my opinion.”

Jerry Lawler update: “Happy to say that @Jerry Lawler is feeling better each day. We communicated via text message during the Browns loss to the Ravens Thursday night. Jerry actually is making an appearance at an event near Memphis but obviously is not wrestling or being involved in any physicality. Apparently it is an autograph engagement of some sort. I’ve not heard a definitive return date for Jerry to come back to Raw commentary and the travel that goes with it. I suspect it will still be a while before his doctor’s clear him for that job and all that goes with it.”

Michael Cole’s responsibilities: “@MichaelCole has so many more responsibilities as the lead announcer on Raw than I ever did. All the social media info, etc wasn’t around when King and I were in our heyday. Michael stays highly organized with a multitude of information that he is obligated to distribute during any given Monday night broadcast.

“Michael’s role now on Raw and mine back in the day, even though we were both ‘lead announcers,’ are drastically different. Unless one does prep work with Cole, you just doesn’t know how good a job he does especially with SO much on his plate.”

Jim Ross also talks about one of his Tweets making ABC World News, not attending today’s WWE tryout camp in Tampa, and more.