Jim Ross Denies He Was Drunk At WWE 2K14 Symposium, HBK Talks Darren Young (Video)

Posted by Brad Davis August 18, 2013 2 Comments

- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has responded to online reports at certain other websites that claim he was drunk at last night’s WWE 2K14 “30 Years of WrestleMania” discussion panel. Jim Ross tweeted:

“Complete lie. I was not drunk. Ridiculous”

“When I’m tired my Bell’s palsy has always made he slur @ times giving some who don’t know me the wrong impression. Weakened facial muscles.”

– TMZ.com cameras caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in Los Angeles this weekend and asked him for his thoughts on Darren Young “coming out.”

Michaels joked that being a gay pro wrestler is a very “1980’s” thing to do and said even though coming out was a huge deal for Darren Young, it’s not a big deal to him or anybody else in WWE.

Here’s the TMZ video:

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    • Caleb43

      sounds like he is trying to bait hbk into saying something that the interviewer would perceive as being wrong. he is throwing little jabs every other sentence to illicit some sort of emotional response. hbk handled himself fairly good here. i’m a christian like he is and believe that what the bible teaches is the truth. The interviewer (like many) was fishing. that’s all i’m saying.

    • Chi_Munny

      Cool guy, even cooler now that he has that epic beard.

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