Jim Ross Q&A: Benoit/WWE HOF, Undertaker’s WCW Days, Cena’s Character

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated the Q&A section of JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

An off-season for WWE: “I do not think that an off season is necessary in our biz. I do think that giving talents ample off time is imperative along with strict adherence to the Wellness Policy and stellar PT for injuries.”

Why Undertaker left WCW in 1990: “WCW was underpaying him and undervaluing his worth and potential. Great ‘get’ by WWE obviously”

Dudley Boyz promos from ECW: “Good, old school, effective promos.”

The best In-ring storytellers: “Too many to mention. There have been tons of great one’s. It’s a vague, subjective question, with no right or wrong answer.”

The need to sound excited on commentary during boring matches: “One has to be creative and not try to sell something that isn’t there. Overselling something is not a good thing. Every facet of a broadcast will never be ‘great.’ ”

WWE not properly hyping PPV undercards: “Those are a production or creative issue. Times change. I don’t know why that was gone away from but it is what it is.”

Chris Benoit in the WWE Hall Of Fame?: “I do not think that Benoit will ever be inducted into the WWE HOF.”

John Cena not selling the effects of his PPV matches: “How John Cena is booked is not an issue to me whatsoever.”.

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