Jim Ross Q&A: Bobby Heenan Update, Taking Pay Cuts In WWE, Brawl For All

Posted by Matt Boone October 26, 2013 0 Comment

The following are highlights from a recent update on his official website:

On whether or not talent can use basic moves as finishers: “If executed properly and used in a timely fashion the lariat, leg drop, etc are all still effective finishing maneuvers.”

On if he ever plans to tour the U.K. again: “Absolutely. Not sure when but hopefully we can tour there in 2014. TBD.”

On dubbing over commentary for the DVD and why the / angle didn’t work: “If one is a professional, which I try to be, one just generates the emotion and get right back into the play by play chair. It’s not easy nonetheless. UWF talents were made to look inferior to Crockett’s regular talents which killed the potential for a competitive storyline. Simply bad creative in hindsight.”

On the condition of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan: “Bobby is hanging in there from what I know. He has trouble speaking due to tongue cancer treatments but he’s still the greatest.”

On how close was to going out of business during the Monday Night War with WCW: “I know many of us took pay cuts in the mid 90’s to do our part in helping the struggling WWE. Through a great team effort and many of us remaining loyal and working diligently we eventually overcame the near disastrous results.”

On the competition in WWE: “I have answered this many times. In hindsight, the Brawl for it All was a joke. Ill fated and helped no one.”

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