Jim Ross Q&A: HBK vs. The Rock, WWE PPV Finishes, Wrestling Movies

Posted by Matt Boone November 11, 2013 0 Comment

The following are some highlights from a online update:

On the way has been concluding their recent PPVs: “I think that the main attractions at PPV should generally be the final chapter of a rivalry or the first installment of a rivalry when possible. Inconclusive finishes should rarely be utilized on any platform. I’ve been blogging about this matter a great deal. I’d suggest that you read my blogs. Thanks.”

On : “Always a jovial guy who loved the ladies and his wine. I never worked a territory with Alfred and only for a time in WWE. I thought he always was underrated as a broadcaster and was a good promo guy when he was wrestling.”

On why vs. never happened: “Not sure why vs. Rock never occurred but it would have been good without a doubt.”

On wrestling movies such as and : “Sobering. Sad at times. Not a total look at everyone in the business but accurate for some.”

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