Jim Ross Q&A: Homosexuality In WWE, Chyna Rumors, Removing Kane’s Mask

Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of his website on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. Below are highlights:

On rumors regarding Chyna/WWE: “Don’t believe all that you read about this matter. I negotiated with Joanie but we were unable to agree on terms and she left a somewhat volatile situation which I feel was the right thing for all involved at the time.”

On negotiating with Chyna: “There is plenty of info online about Joanie that you can research and read. We simply could not come to a mutually agreeable contract for her to stay in WWE.”

On the decision to remove Kane’s mask in the past: “I don’t recall any one asking my opinion but in hindsight I’d have rather Kane stayed masked.”

On his thoughts on Dr. Tom Prichard and the old Heavenly Bodies team: “Extremely fundamentally sound team who were likely underrated by many. Dr. Tom has always been one of my favorite people as he did great work for me and our department back in the day.”

On his memories of events in Knoxville, TN: “Biggest memory for me there was playing the hoops arena at Tennessee and seeing Pat Summit roaming her domain.”

On what it takes to be a legend or icon in WWE: “To be REALLY good at what one does for a LONG time.”

On his thoughts about homosexuality in wrestling: “It is a non issue to me.”

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