Jim Ross Q&A: Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan, WWE In Chicago Without Punk

Posted by Matt Boone February 5, 2014 2 Comments

The following are highlights from a new update:

On why fans should take as champion seriously after losing multiple “non-title” matches: “It’s an old school philosophy. The champion losing non title bouts gives the impression that the title holder is vulnerable and ripe for the pickings.”

On his thoughts of a potential vs. match: “If both were healthy and the match was creatively presented as it should, there is no doubt that those two wouldn’t have a great performance.”

On his thoughts on how WWE should handle the upcoming event in Chicago without : “The show must go on and hopefully it will have enough good content to help some fans move on so as to not to negatively disrupt the broadcast to an unwatchable degree.”

On his thoughts of all the recent hatred from the fans towards : “I’d guess it was merely the fall out of the Daniel Bryan situation and not directed directly at Batista.”

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