Jim Ross Q&A: Punk/Bryan Iron Man Match?, Nash/JBL In-Ring Future, Heyman

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The following are highlights from the latest online :

On if he would’ve taken a job with if offered one in 1985 or 1986: “WWE was always my goal and if I handled it professionally, and I would, Bill would have been fine with it.”

On the infamous “” in WWE: “I did think that Doc [] would win it. He might have if he hadn’t torn his hamstring off the bone. The winner of the Brawl for it All was always going to fight Butterbean as best that I recall. It simply wasn’t something that was thought of by the creative team at the last minute. I haven’t read Bob’s book yet but he has the right to tell his story as he remembers it and based on what he knew at the time. Bob was/is a tough guy. Much respect to him.”

On whether or not we’ll ever see a Jim Ross DVD set: “I’d be up for doing one but that’s a WWE call all the way. Not sure it would sell.”

On who has benefitted the most from working with in WWE: “Better question is who hasn’t benefited from working with Paul Heyman? I’d suggest has benefited the most considering Brock’s schedule.”

On if WWE stars are responsible for carrying around their title belts: “Champions are resonsible for the upkeep of their titles but spares are available if one is misplaced. Smart wrestlers never check the titles on planes.”

On if we’ll ever see and/or wrestle in the WWE in the future: “Not too likely.”

On if we’ll ever see another 60-minute Iron Man Match in WWE, specifically between and Daniel Bryan: “If anyone could pull of a 60 minute Iron Man match it wuld be Punk vs. Bryan for sure. Cesaro, too. If it happens it would be great but those are few and far between.”

Check out the complete Q&A online at JRsBarBQ.com.

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