Jim Ross Q&A: His Retirement, WWE’s Handling Of CM Punk Situation, Wyatt Family

The following are highlights of a new website Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On the booking of The Wyatt Family and WWE turning heels into faces: “I don’t know the intention as I don’t understand the positioning or the meaning of much of today’s creative in a variety of promotions.”

On if he’ll ever retire: “I plan on retiring the same day that I’m buried.”

On multiple false-finishes in main event matches: “It’s a sensationalistic short cut and was impressive the first time that I saw it but not any more.”

On CM Punk and the way WWE has been handling that situation: “My take is that Punk should do whatever makes him happy. If he’s done with wrestling, he had a magnificent career. I respect his decision but WWE is stupid if they attempt to erase his legacy….and WWE isn’t stupid.”

On Alicia Fox: “I have no way of knowing. Alicia had one stellar night this past week on RAW and now we will wait and see if she can replicate the same on a regular basis.”

On the state of WWE’s Divas division: “WWE’s diva division is seemingly improving. Alicia Fox stole the divas show on Monday.”

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