Jim Ross Q&A: Richard Sherman/WMXXX, Will TNA Survive?, Austin/Hogan, More

The following are highlights from a recent website Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On if he wears his WWE Hall Of Fame ring often: “Yes, I’m proud of my WWE HOF ring and wear it often.”

On if there’s a chance WWE will invite Richard Sherman to WrestleMania XXX: “A chance? I assume so. However, I am not in the WWE loop any longer anddon’t have any idea as to what WM30 plans are. I do know I will do my one man show in NOLA on Thurs April 3 at the House of Blues.”

On how The Rock is as a person: “Great guy. Highly motivated…positive…goal oriented…ambitious. Has always been good to me and visa versa.”

On which version of John Cena he most enjoys: “I am a fan of today’s John Cena.”

On who had the more successful era financially: Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin: “Hard one to quantify but both men were giants within the business in different eras and with different criteria.”

On if he expects TNA to survive the next three-to-five years: “I certainly hope so. I don’t know their financial business.”

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