Jim Ross Q&A: The Rock’s Final Match, Chyna/WWE HOF, Announcing Return

The following are more Q&A highlights from WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On why he doesn’t return to commentating: “I’m no longer with WWE and their announcing teams are in good shape. I will look at other options in the future but I donvt think that it will be doing pro wrestling.”

On the WWE Divas division: “I’d like to see the Divas taken more seriously and have their athleticism focused on a bit more. AJ is the star of the Divas division at this time.”

On who he feels The Rock should end his career in WWE with: “It solely depends on when and who is hot and can have the best final match that Rock can possibly have.”

On Chyna in the WWE Hall Of Fame: “I never attempt to put myself in McMahon’s shoes especially when it comes to WWE HOF selections. Bottom line is that I have no idea about Chyna.”

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