Jim Ross Q&A: Shield Breaking Up, Montreal Screwjob, Negative WWE Fans, More

The following are highlights from a new online Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On feuds being rushed in WWE and “Even Steven” booking: “In general I think that most pro wrestling story lines today are rushed because it is perceived that many fans have shorter attention spans. Even Steven booking helps who? No one.”

On WWE fans being more negative than positive: “Unfortunately, it seems more fashionable to criticize virtually any thing rather than sing its praises. That goes for most walks of life.”

On The Undertaker’s WrestleMania undefeated streak being broken: “As I have said MANY times, I never thought the Streak would ever be broken.”

On people who think the Montreal Screwjob was a work and how cameras caught it for a documentary: “As I recall, a documentary was being filmed of Bret so the cameras were scheduled to be in Montreal all along and then they stumbled onto an amazing, unplanned conclusion for their film. However, you believe what you chose to believe.”

On Justin Gabriel: “Gabriel has all he needs to be a star. He’s only missing the right creative presentation over an extended length of time and he may be a better villian than a hero. TBD.”

On The Shield breaking up: “I think it’s best it ALL the Shield break up eventually but no time soon. Perhaps around the Royal Rumble build in 2015.”

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