Jim Ross Q&A: Who Should Sting Face In WWE?, AJ Styles/WWE, ROH & TNA

The following are highlights of a new website Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On who the best WrestleMania opponent, besides Undertaker, would be for Sting: “[Randy] Orton would work but so would HHH. I think HHH vs. Sting would be interesting and feel that they’d have good chemistry.”

On how he thinks Brock Lesnar could be the face of WWE while working a part-time schedule: “It was mere speculation as it will go one way or another as to who the fans embrace or not. Lesnar’s not working a full time schedule in any role at any time in his future career so it would have to be done creatively but it could be done. The top dog or WWE Champ doesn’t need to be on TV every week whatsoever.”

On whether or not AJ Styles should change his character if he were to sign with WWE: “I don’t think, unfortunately, that it is any thing that we need to discuss because WWE is highly unlikely to ever sign the talented AJ who seems content on what he’s doing now a days. Great talent without question.”

On how TNA and ROH can compete with WWE: “TNA and ROH only need to focus on their brand and eliminate WWE from their mind, by and large. If they commit to their brand, develop new talents, have strong TV outlets, and use logical booking philosophies, they can be more profitable. No one is ever going to threaten WWE’s spot at the top.”

You can check out more of Jim Ross’ online Q&A at his website, JRsBarBQ.com. You can also order JR’s Bar-B-Q products online at WWEShop.com.

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