Jim Ross Q&A: Sting/WWE, 3MB Breaking Up, Hatred Towards Chris Benoit

Posted by Matt Boone August 6, 2013 1 Comment

The following are highlights from yet another from the official website of Hall Of Famer :

On if it’s time for to break up: “At least 3MB is getting them on TV which is vital. All three members have potential but potential won’t buy the groceries forever.”

On if WWE will ever release a DVD on the career of : “Seems like a lock to me.”

On his favorite era in WWE: “I live in the now. Whatever ‘generation’ now is would be my answer. I have never not enjoyed being in the business. ”

On his thoughts on Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake’s career: “Why? Seriously, why? I wasn’t around him that much. He was a solid hand. Being friends with Hogan helped him greatly. I’m not the guy to ask because I never really worked with Beefcake.”

On whether or not the will hold open tryouts: “Nothing is planned as best that I know at this time. When will a NFL team have open tryouts at their facilities for potential football players? Same deal.”

On why there is so much hatred towards when it was revealed he had severe brain damage: “We don’t know what happened that fateful day, conclusively. or what mental state Chris was in or why he was in it, either. I don’t ‘hate’ Chris and most of his friends do not either. It’s a topic that you or I cannot solve to everyone’s satisfaction. I’m really tired of addressing it.”

Check out more of JR’s Q&A on his official website, JRsBarBQ.com.

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