Jim Ross Q&A: Warrior vs. Ryback At WMXXX?, Hogan, Punk/Chicago RAW

Posted by Matt Boone February 14, 2014 3 Comments

The following are highlights from a recent website update:

On rumors that failed to pass a WWE medical: “I’m not a big, rumor guy. Surprised that you are. I’ve endorsed Hogan to be a part of WM30 for months and never once have I said that he needed to wrestle to be an asset to the event. Hogan has horrific back problems so why put him in any risk unnecessarily? That wold make no sense.”

On why we don’t see Undertaker much outside of WWE: “He likes his privacy and is serious about protecting the overall mystique of his TV persona.”

On who should induct and rumors of him wrestling at : “I have no idea who will induct Warrior at the WWE HOF and haven’t thought that much about it. I also have no idea why so many think that Warrior is wrestling Ryback at WM30? Has that match been officially announced or is it more speculation?”

On the idea that ’s bad news at in Chicago should be that isn’t there: “That’s been suggested by others. It might work. Or Punk might be back.”

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