Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Holding Back Ziggler, Taker’s Retirement, TNA vs. WWE

Posted by Matt Boone December 27, 2013 2 Comments

The following are highlights from another update from Hall Of Famer :

On WWE never booking a program between The Dudley Boyz and The : “The Dudley’s are two of my all time favorite guys to work with in WWE or elsewhere. I don’t recall why creative did not book them vs. the Road Warriors. Creative did many things over the years that I did not understand.”

On his thoughts of as a wrestler: “Obviously, Benoit was a great in ring performer, one of the best pound for pound wrestlers that I ever saw. Unfortunately, that isn’t what he’s going to be remembered for. Please do not continue to send me more questions about Benoit. I’ve answered this the best that I can and, no, he will never be in the WWE HOF, IMO, because of the last hours of his life.”

On whether or not can ever come close to WWE: “Not even close but they don’t have to come close to be profitable.”

On who The should end his career against: “Whoever would provide the biggest challenge, who’s the hottest, and who will sell the greatest number of PPV’s while providing the most intrigue/threat.”

On why WWE holds back : “I’ve addressed this SO many times. I don’t know anything about WWE Creative. Ziggler has talent. If he steers the course he will be just fine. He’s a big time athlete who simply needs to be cast in the right role.”

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