Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Network Numbers, Undertaker’s Streak, Daniel Bryan’s Future

Posted by Matt Boone April 11, 2014 0 Comment

The following are highlights of a new online Q&A update:

On the subscription number revealed by WWE: “I thought it was a good number but I’m no expert in that sort of data. I also feel that it will grow significantly in the future.”

On The ’s streak coming to an end: “I wasn’t ready for the STREAK to end. However, I also don’t know Taker’s physical condition.”

“I’m not sure how I or any one can realistically predict the long term affect on any matter. The Streak build to WM30 did not seem as impactful as I would have liked. WrestleMania should be built around the WWE Title more often than not unless someone really has dropped the ball.”

On his own heel run in ’96 and ’s future now that he’s champion: “I was not a fan of my heel work as I felt i was not good at it. Bryan can stay hot if he stays in a good personal issue and the title is continued to be a priority.”

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