Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Overprotective Of John Cena?, HHH/CM Punk & More

Posted by Matt Boone May 5, 2014 1 Comment

The following are highlights of a recent Q&A update:

On the reason WWE is so overprotective of : “Protecting someone in Cena’s position isn’t something that is new but one could argue in hindsight that WWE might have gone too far with it on Sunday night.”

On the vs. match at : “Both men really worked hard and if one likes stunts and special effects of a match they provided it.”

On the team of and : “Very good in ring team who arguably were underutilized in hindsight.”

On whether or not guys like & were pushed by WWE because they aren’t drug addicts: “It’s a common sense and professional matter….abusing drugs simply makes no sense and the unprofessional and childish behavior of the party boy group never helped any company. was a model locker room talent from day one.”

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