Jim Ross Q&A: His XFL Experiences, I-C/U.S. Titles, How To Get A WWE Tryout

The following are highlights from the latest Jim Ross website Q&A update:

On his best and worst XFL experiences: “I do my best to forget bad experiences as one can’t do any thing about them. I’d say sitting out in frigid, wet weather was not too much fun. The most fun was simply calling the games on TV. Wish I could call football again but likely that ship has sailed. Executives want youth of which I’m not.”

On trying to bring prestige back to the Intercontinental and United States titles: ” I Can;t speak for the wrestlers. If they perceive that the IC or US titles are insufficient then that’s regrettable. Can they mean more? Of course.”

On his match in 2005 with Triple H and how him blading in the match came about: “How did it come about? It was an angle. It’s simply what was done in those days. Not sure of your question.”

On how someone could be part of a WWE tryout: “I’m unaware of any open tryouts at the WWE Performance Center without an invitation. You need to get noticed on the indy circuit and then earn the invitation. Good luck nonetheless.”

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