Jim Ross Responds To Being Mocked On RAW, WWE Hosts Basketball Game

Posted by Matt Boone March 4, 2014 6 Comments

- The official WWE website has an article up with photos of Stephanie McMahon, The Bella Twins and Big Show hosting a basketball game at Lyons Township High School, which was a game put on by the Special Olympics near Chicago. You can check that out at WWE.com.

– WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross commented on the RAW commentary team taking shots at him during Monday’s broadcast. JR wrote the following on Twitter after the show:

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    • FightFan

      Even after being forced into retirment, JR is still Vince McMahon’s whipping boy. As despicable as that is, it goes to show how awesome of a human being JR is.

      • Tim Church

        It would… If he had any choice in the matter. Even after being dead like Paul Bearer, Vince will put you in the Hall or drag your name through the mud on live TV, & you have no choice in if/when he does either. (Or both, if you’re the Warrior.)

        • Tim Church’s Troll

          Well, you have a choice whether to respond to the trolls that make fun of you, and you always do!!! How does it feel to be my b*tch?

        • Tim Church is a Nark

          way 2 snitch on me u fuckin nerd. all u did is get rid of my profile. I can still comment on this shit all day since u kno all i ever wear is a convicts uniform. Good luck wit life wit those fuckin teeth n that ugly ass face

          • Tim Church

            I’m not a snitch or a nerd.

            Likewise, you are not someone who will ever show what their face looks like… Outside of a jailer, probation officer, or executioner.

            • Tim Church is a Nark

              i had a pic but u snitched on me 2 24wrestlin! dumbass its will $teel u can look up my music its pretty popular on soundcloud ya haggggggggg. like i said im on house arrest i got all da time in da world

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