John Cena Answers The Question, “Is Vince McMahon As Crazy As He Seems?”

In a recent “Mac Attack” radio show interview, WWE Superstar John Cena was asked the question, “Is Vince McMahon as crazy as he seems?” The following is Cena’s response to that question:

Crazy smart. That guy is truly a genius. Being able to take small-town promotions that started out in Charlotte, or in Boston, or in Florida, centralize the whole thing, get the whole world to watch it – we’re talking about the World Series here, but WWE is a global company. We’ll be in Charlotte on Tuesday, but we’re taking off to the U.K. and Europe right after that. We tour India, we tour China, we tour South America, Africa – it’s a global company. Yes, he’s crazy, but crazy like a fox.”

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