John Cena Confirmed For Match At WWE Hell In A Cell PPV

Posted by Matt Boone October 8, 2013 9 Comments

In a shocking announcement made on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW, John Cena will be returning to in-ring action earlier than expected, as he will compete with Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship in the next pay-per-view, which will emanate from Miami, Florida on Sunday, October 27th.

Backstage Reason WWE Is Stacking The Deck For The Hell In A Cell

The announcement was made during the third and final hour of RAW, as Vickie Guerrero selected Ricardo Rodriguez as Del Rio’s opponent for RAW. Before the match could begin, however, Guerrero revealed that Del Rio would be facing Cena at the Hell In A Cell show, which led to Rodriguez upsetting Del Rio in the RAW match.

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    • Harms_Way

      Really? I should have known super Cena wouldn’t be gone for long. I know I said ADR needs to lose the title, but not to Cena!!!!

    • TheRealish

      Cena is not returning. Why would he be competing against ADR when he never got his rematch for the wwe belt vicky was just playing. Now what she should have said was mark henry.

      • Ice

        It probably is Mark Henry. They can just have people speculating that its Cena but when it comes time for the ppv fight, Mark Henry Theme will just play.

    • king

      now at #Hell in a Cell ADR will beat SuperCena like he beat RVD at #BattleGround. wwe universe stand up & say “ADR- ADR- ADR- ADR”

    • Song Bird

      like i care that cena warrior princess is back it just means instead of WWE having compelling story lines like they have had in the last two months it means you can safely say now that WWE has run out of good ideas and options or ways to try to keep their true loyal fans hooked and interested if they have to prematurely bring back the phone can’t wrestle hulk hogan like superman wanna be john cena and go back to their typical particle boring and pointless over the top story lines.also what so hypocritical, ironic and funny about all this is that for the last couple months triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been shoving down our throats and telling us fans constantly ” What Is Good For Business” essentially but they don’t even have a clue of ” What Is Good For Business” if they have to bring back the one trick pony can’t wrestle phony john cena (so what dose that tell you loyal fans?) and if you don’t know it basically means WWE is back to flipping us loyal fans the bird essentially

    • WTF

      Why they have a photo posted on here as if Cena was a heel??

    • Canuck 703

      Gee I wonder if Super Cena will win ??

    • Death to C-Nation

      So much for the rumble timetable. Someone needs find the doctor that cleared Cena and put him through a flaming table.

    • LBlock18

      my day was perfect until reading this s**t I rather see Hulk Hogan “wrestle” get the crowd hyped up and lose to ADR sorry guys I’m a Punk, Bryan, Del Rio, and Christian fan but wait does this mean the WH Title is going to Raw and the WWE title is going to Smackdown? I can’t see Cena working on Smackdown actually I can’t even see Cena being in a wrestling ring period he even does the STF wrong God I wish he would watch how Chris Benoit did it oh well more ‘good for business” since the little kids and women love him so much

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