John Cena Confirms Groin Injury & Comments On His Recovery

Posted by Brad Davis March 8, 2014 10 Comments

WWE ran an injury angle for John Cena on the February 24the edition of RAW, with Cena being stretchered out of the arena after an attack from the Wyatt Family.

While it was sold as a knee injury in WWE storylines, we reported shortly after that it was actually John Cena’s groin that was injured. On Saturday, John Cena confirmed the groin injury report and also revealed he has fluid built up in his ankle.

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    • WhoGives

      Not this back and forth cena groin injury bullshit again!

    • Mickey Blankenship

      Cena’s time may be nearing its end he seems to be getting injured more often now. Sorry Cena your announcement saying the young guys will have to go through you your body will eventually make you step aside. Don’t feel bad happens to everybody.

      • SJ

        In order for me to do a pullup or chinup…. I have to jump and use my feet to help me pull myselfr up in order to do it. But, since I am more of a beginner, it is my way of modifying the above exercises so I can do them.

        I have a stupid sounding question….but maybe it isn’t REALLY that stupid after all……
        Haven’t you EVER wondered in your wildest and craziest imaginings IF guys such as: Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, Luther Reigns, Antonio Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and anyone else in WWE…when they first started doing pullups/chinups…..if they EVER did pullups like that when they first began doing them??? Before they were able to do them, I mean. I’ve wondered about it…..LOL!

        • Levi501

          They could very well have had to do modified versons of exercises until they were able to do the exercise.

          • SJ

            ….I wonder if allowing a dog to bite someone is enough….my opinion is: A dog shouldn’t only just bite someone. He or she SHOULD kill the mofo. But be able to be called off instantaneously if trained in persbnal protection, IPO, Mondio Ring Sport, Schutzhund, etc.

            • Joe Hawkins

              That’s true. But you know, it doesn’t matter how good of physical shape someone is in. If a dog decides to kill someone for trespassing on their turf, or for attacking the person or persons the dog or dogs have bonded to….the perp is going to fucking die.

            • SJ

              Some dogs vocalize a lot but, push comes to shove, they won’t really do much of anything. Then there are the dogs who don’t bark or growl much, but they’ll bite.

            • DMGrip

              You should get a dog with the kind of training that you want the dog to have, and that’ll bond to you and to Randy Orton!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says Nikki will nurse Cena’s groin back to health.

    • WTFwwe

      Not this stupid crap again. First it was his knee but it was to sell the angle. Now it’s his groin and fluid in his right ankle. “I life my life” You freaking moron. Sick of these stupid Cena injury angles. The guy could have a broken back and scheduled to return in 8 months but shows up at a PPV in a week and get a title shot. I don’t hate Cena the human but I absolutely despise his played out happy go lucky superhuman gimmick. Its getting more and more ridiculous and at some point his gimmick needs a makeover. I’m not saying turn him full heel because that will NEVER happen but my God atleast have him snap on occasion and destroy someone and stop the constant no sales. Maybe give him a new believable move.

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