John Cena Files For Divorce

Posted by Brad Davis May 11, 2012 41 Comments

John Cena has filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart and wife of three years, Liz Huberdeau, reports The Miami Herald and The WWE Superstar claims their marriage is “irretrevably broken.”

The couple signed a prenuptial agreement that allows Cena, who possesses assets worth $18 million, the ability to take back all gifts and presents. Huberdeau has already hired powerful Miami attorney Raymond Rafool, who is best known for facing Hulk Hogan in his ugly divorce battle against ex-wife Linda. Rafool allegedly took 70% of the legendary grappler’s assets and Huberdeau reportedly wants a similar take. A source close to the situation told The Miami Herald that this divorce would “dwarf the Hogan divorce in nastiness.”

Rafool released a statement, claiming, “Although it is indeed unfortunate that John Cena decided to divorce his high school sweetheart Liz Cena; particularly, after they have come so far in their lives and in his career together, Liz will and really has no choice but to pursue all of her rights and entitlements.

“Sadly, divorce is not the way Liz thought her perfect love story would end.”

Huberdeau’s attorney adds that Cena “blindsided her” with the divorce filing. They had been having issues as the WWE Superstar approached her recently with a pre-divorce financial settlement agreement that she refused to sign due to her belief the relationship would work out.

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    • mistico

      A prenup vs. Linda Hogan’s lawyer? I’m going with Linda’s lawyer.

    • T 980

      I can’t wait for all the Liz Cena news to follow. Accusing him of sharing her with the locker room, doing drugs, being gay with Randy Orton, and a Warrior rant.

      Maybe this is the making of Linda and Liz Know Best

    • sergio

      i guess the rock was rite

    • Wrestlehead

      Hopefully Liz behaves with more class than Linda Hogan did following her divorce. It’s a good thing there are at least no kids involved.

      • earl

        yeah its a good thing no kids involved

    • The Rock

      What I tell Yall…..The People’s Champ knows whats up…..IF YAAAAA SMMEEEELLLLL…….

    • Chris Knezevich

      Pre-nump is binding. Sucks that they are divorcing. I sure hope ain’t chasing some Diva poon.

      • cody m

        Yup, the high powered attorney can’t void cena’s prenup so I doubt he can get as much money out of cena as he did hogan. Cena will still have to pay something but he gets to keep 18 million in assets per the agreement of the prenup that can’t be voided.

    • ……

      That suck….hopefully this goes away quietly…

    • Kingissa

      Good Start to a Cena Heel Turn

      • Heel Cena fan

        Ii doubt cena will turn heel.

    • gwhite

      Sure hope all goes well with u John and ur wife, think about it the grass always looks greener until u get there and find out that it is all the same color…I love you Cena and I love u on WWE……

    • Anon

      Come on, Cena. This woman loves you, does she not? Has she not done everything she can to keep you there? If she has, you should think hard and long about this. How many women out there are going to love you like this one does? Cena, this is your HIGH SCHOOL SWEET HEART you’re divorcing! Think back in the days where yo guys were so happy! So in love! She want’s the relationship to work out, which obviously means there’s still love in her. Don’t you lover her? I hate seeing people divorce after so many years of happiness. It is indeed heart breaking.

      • Common Sense

        Please, don’t spout off as if you KNOW HER. She could just want to drag out the marriage to that 10 year mark just so when she finally decides to call it quits she can leave with half. Alot of women think like this, ask Linda Hogan and Kobe’s ex-wife. But then again I could be wrong, but the fact of the matter is that its all speculation at this point as to “who was in the wrong”.

      • Curious Reader

        I wonder if John is reading this hogwash

    • starwolfstorm

      People should just mind there on dam beeswax and let it happen quitely so thay both get on with there live’s.

    • Muzlimboy

      Shes fugly anyways

    • piss off liz. its johns money

      Cena worked his ass off for that 18 mil.
      Liz doesnt deserve any more than 2 mil

    • liz needs to piss off

      cena worked his butt off for that 18 mil
      i say liz doesnt deserve more than 10% of that

    • Pat–

      so sorry to hear this–you are a super star and love watching you in your profession. Is this what you think you want or do you really want it for sure? Been there 3 times now and never again, makes for a really big wall you build for yourself…good luck to you and will still watch you on raw…

    • ami

      every true love story end like this…

    • Tammy

      What a gold digging Bitch, she refused to sign the pre-divorce settlement not because she thought it would work out but because she wanted to be able to get more then he was offering. 70%?!?!?! Really Bitch?!?!?! Like i said GOLD DIGGER!!!!!!

    • Mizis awesome

      This is a story line. Eve is the third party

      • Hoeski

        Woo! Woo! Woo! You know it!

    • kindred1313

      well if she signed a pre-nup what exactly are her rights?

    • kindred1313

      with a pre-nup she cant get anywhere near 70% unless its 70% of shit

      • Mr 561

        haha – you get 70% of NOTHING!

        • lol

          John still keeps 30% of nothing like a boss

    • KO KOGAN

      I Was Offered to work it out with my wife, BUT I TURNED THEM DOWN BROTHERRRR!!1

    • Josh

      Divorce lawyers up the block…….. but we’re dancing because Cleveland rocks

    • Quan Williams

      It takes a special breed of person to be married to an entertainer. your spouse is on the road for 99% of the year, and you have to watch them interact with attractive members of the opposite sex every week, and only wonder what is going on int he locker room. Everyone knows how jealous and paranoid Macho Man was when he had Elizabeth involved, and we’ve seen a ton of other wrestling relationships end badly (Mongo and Debra…Stone Cold and Debra…Matt and Lita…Lawler and Kitty…Dustin and Terri…Sullivan and Woman…Benoit and Woman…Morrison and Melina….Kurt’s wives…Levesque and Chyna). So I give kudos to a marriage like Booker T and Sharmell’s or Chris Jericho’s that has withstood the rigors of the rasslin’ life, and still thrives today.
      Sorry to hear about Cena’s marriage failing. You never want to see anyone going through that.

    • Parks

      Can she take the 5 moves of doom as part of her settlement?

      • Kane Maximus

        lol funny xD

    • earl

      i know tht linda was a bitch but u know what. i’d still bang her ;)

      • LindasAMilf

        Yeah she was I want linda. Linda is sexier than brooke

    • ClassyMama

      Liz doesn’t deserve anything but the kick in the ass out the door like she’s getting..John’s doing the right thing,,get out while you can.

    • angelfawn41

      dam that suck’s but she don’t need anything because of the prenuptial

    • oldharry1973

      Cenna’s wife is she good looking and awesome lady I like to see a picture of her.

    • xzecutioner

      Problem in real life? I hope this means heel turn soon for him.

    • HTX713

      why should the former Ms. Cena get anything? She wasn’t in the ring getting a F-5 from Brock or getting the Rock Bottom done to her!

    • Vickie Guerrero

      Calling it now.

      John Cena is going to get back with Mickie James.

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