John Cena Hurt on Raw, Advertised TLC PPV Match

Posted by Matt Boone November 20, 2012 10 Comments

- Local advertisements in the New York area were promoting John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk vs. Ryback for WWE TLC.

– John Cena hurt his ankle on tonight’s episode of Raw after he landed on it awkwardly when chasing Dolph Ziggler to the back. Cena got his foot caught when leaving the ring which resulted in him landing badly on the outside. Cena limped his way to the back afterwards.

WWE acknowledged the injury with a trainer backstage saying he thinks Cena “might have a torn meniscus” as he wrapped it.

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    • shane-o-mac

      Hahaha cena is starting to be injury prone, is wwe gonna fire cena like they did mr kennedy ( anderson )? Wish wwe gave more time to ambrose,rollins and reigns. Nice to see ziggler whoop some cena ass. Good raw.

      • shane-o-mac

        I have a great big penis I can suck my own dick.

        • shane-o-mac

          A cena fan upset I talked bad about his idol. But dude that’s really not an insult, that’s more of a compliment, thanks.

          • shane-o-mac

            Why am I talking to myself?

    • Lincoln

      Well it’s all set for Ziggler.I mean Cena is putting over Ziggler and after this feud he’ll cash in for WHC.

    • Little Dick Larry

      Oh a group of guys running in wearing all black..sound familiar… Ace’s & 8’s much…

      • mrchopper

        Or Nexus, more like.

        • Kurt Angle

          No. WWE is blatantly ripping-off TNA with this. Remember everyone, TNA invented the “guy gets outnumbered” angle.

          • macho

            NWO, DX, Evolution… Yap.. Ace’s & 8’s are the first ones doing that.. LOOOL

    • dr. john christopher

      that injury was clearly a work.

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