John Cena Hypes Next Week’s Match on Raw, Rock Shows Off New WWE Title

Posted by Matt Boone February 19, 2013 6 Comments

- John Cena hyped his match against CM Punk for next week’s Raw, writing on Twitter,

“If C.M. Punk beats me, then he deserves to face The Rock for the new WWE Title. I will be at my best. #thechampishere.”

– The Rock has tweeted a new backstage photo of himself holding the new WWE Championship title belt with the following caption,

“New title. New era. New standard. @WWE Heavyweight Champion. #JustBringIt”

rock title


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    • Buster Cherry

      Finally the Rock has shit-canned that ridiculous cena style belt. The should keep this one and let the champ add their own side plates for their reign.

    • Muzlimboy

      About time they got rid of the spinner

    • cenanrockbite

      Are you all nuts? Cena’s belt was not cool any longer (out of date 6 to 7 years ago) but the Rock’s belt looks like a kids creation that they might make & pretend to be the champ. It makes me think of Mick Foley’s video that they used to show of him before he was famous (the one where he jumps off the roof).

    • EVL

      Idk why say that it’s “better then the spinner belt”? It’s still bad. This looks like as much a toy as the spinner belt except at least the spnner belt had some gold heft to it.
      This one has so little gold on it that i don’t look at it and want to hold it like a boss. Not like the WCW world title (aka WWE world title). THAT’s a champions belt.
      Well, at least the IC title still looks like a wrestling title. who knows for how long as it might not be a “sports entertainment” worthy title

    • Ice

      idk if its just me, but doesnt it look too simple?

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      It’s not as bad as the jeff hardy title….but its close. The spinner belt was fine as soon as they locked the logo so it didn’t spin. This looks cheap and boring.

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