John Cena Injury Update & Possible Return Date, HBK’s Hunting Show & More

Posted by Michael Bluth October 2, 2013 4 Comments

- The latest word on John Cena’s physical rehabilitation is that he’s on track for an early-2014 return. Cena will be making “special appearances” at WWE live events in December, but will not be wrestling. WWE obviously wants Cena to be 100% in time for WrestleMania season and the company is optimistic he’ll be back in action by the Royal Rumble. has an article up looking at the “Top Champions the McMahons Never Wanted” – including Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan.

- New episodes of Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures will begin airing October 22nd on the Outdoor Channel

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  • Undertaker316

    i think the corporate storyline is just going to lead to the rock vs cena 3, vince will return and realize triple h and stephanie are trying to replace him and start a power struggle the rock will return, and turn heel then join triple h and stephanie, vince will get john cena on his side and it will be rock vs cena at wm 30 for who will get full control of wwe

    • Derp.

      Oh god no.

    • Kid

      lets hope you’re wrong.

    • Darwin

      At least we’d get something good out of it.
      Although, my money’s on Orton/Cena for the title.

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