John Cena on Europe Tour, Championship Upsets, Booker T News

– Booker T will be signing copies of his book “From Prison to Promise” this Saturday at 6 pm at the Brazos Bookstore on 2421 Bissonett St. in Houston, TX.

– Embedded below is Booker T’s latest episode of “Reality of Wrestling.”

– John Cena will be traveling with the Raw crew for their upcoming tour of Europe, which kicks off on October 31st. It is not yet known if he will wrestle on the tour.

– WWE has added a photo gallery looking at the greatest World championship upsets in history. Some of the title changes mentioned include Ivan Koloff defeating Bruno Sammartino for the WWE Championship and Rey Mysterio winning the World heavyweight championship. The world title victories of David Arquette, Vince McMahon and Vince Russo were also featured.