John Cena Replaces Fred Flintstone on Cereal Box Cover

Posted by Matt Boone January 6, 2013 3 Comments

- WWE and Post Cereals are expanding their marketing agreement by featuring a cartoon version of John Cena on boxes of Fruity Pebbles. The limited-edition promotion will temporarily boot “Pebbles” frontman Fred Flintstone from the cereal box covers according to a report by Here is a photo of the new box cover.

New Furity Pebbles Box Featuring John Cena

A Post Cereals representative said that Kids want more variety, and Fred isn’t necessarily the coolest or most relevant guy for kids.

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    • sucka

      Ryback should hold the box in the ring and yell FEED ME and then beat up cena


      dumbasses spelled it “Furity.”

    • Rooter

      Fred Flintstone is 1,000x cooler than Cena will ever be! I bet Fred could actually wrestle, and he’s a damn cartoon character

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