John Cena Responds To The Rock’s Anti-Cena Photo

Posted by Brad Davis February 28, 2011 20 Comments

In response to The Rock posting a photo last night of him stomping on John Cena merchandise, Cena tweeted the following on Monday morning:

“Woke up to see what looks like rocks foot crushing the words Hustle Loyalty and Respect. Yep…that sounds like the rock alright.”

Fans then asked Cena about whether The Rock will be at tonight’s RAW, to which Cena responded:

“yeah…I expected a lil more…but im sure tonight will be good. Ill be waiting to see him”

“maybe we will. Its in buffalo. Ill be there. We will see if dwayne can fit it into his sched.”

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    • Random guy

      Maybe it’s just me, but does Cena come off kind of bitter in that first tweet? Almost like he was disgusted that Rock was literally standing on his gimmick. I know he’s just going with the storyline and all that, but still, it comes off really bitter. Maybe some of that real life tension seeping through? I don’t know. Whatever.

      • Hollow Bonez

        It’s not just you bro. It seems like Cena is out of his character. I think this storyline is turning into reality. I’m no mark, but I know when a skit is being turned into something personal. But lets be serious Cena, no matter how much you try being a babyface, The Rock is going to have fans boo you. Until this whole feud is done, Cena will be portrayed as the heel when it comes to Rocky. Only a few kids are still going to be cheering him. And women.

        • Dr.Eams

          glad to see we agree on that , he didn’t sound like his character would have answered ,muahahaha someone’s head is too inflated..

        • Hobble

          It’s a work. This is how Cena will turn heel. Rock will cost him the title at WM. Cena will be frustrated, especially when the fans continue to favor the Rock over him. Eventually Cena will crack.

          • Random guy

            Normally I’d agree with you. But you have to take into account that Cena has randomly complained about Rock for years now. Without anyone even asking him. He’ll just randomly go off on him for no apparent reason.

            He keeps going with the, “I’m here and he isn’t” stuff for no apparent reason, in what seems to be a desperate attempt to get people to give him some kind of credit for “carrying the torch”.

            Cena seems to think that being “loyal” to WWE should count for something in the fans eyes. When in reality, all the fans care about is “Do you entertain us?”. Which in Cena’s case, is usually “No”. Rock does though, and I think Cena is starting to figure that out the hard way.

            As for Cena turning heel, I doubt it. When a wrestler gets “go away” heat, fans don’t care if he is heel or face. They just want him to go away. Cena has been getting “go away” heat for years now. There has never been a face that gets booed more than him.

      • Justa fan

        Cena does sound bitter, i totally agree with u guys!

      • Darwin

        I agree with some of the other comments and think that after so long on top, Cena’s pretty much used to being THE guy on the show. He’s been pushed to the moon and back and if he’s ever come up a little lame in an angle, the WWE has always had his back with a video package or a couple matches to make him shine again. The problem now is that the WWE seems to be letting the Rock do whatever the hell he wants [which they should] and the Rock is the one guy who can make ANYBODY look like complete shit in the span of about 5 minutes.

        Cena is bitter. The Rock isn’t even wrestling and he still grabs more attention than anyone else. The night of his return, ratings added up to almost a MILLION people [according to another article on this site] the moment he got on the air. That’s better than anything the WWE’s done with ANYTHING in a long time.

    • RJMac

      If this fued doesn’t turn Cena Heel then I dunno what will…

    • just saying

      in reading this i just pictured two people in a room: one flips off about the rock being owned by cena, and then you very calmly go “oh wow” lol. in all seriousness though, this is shaping up to be a little interesting. i’d like to think that cena will turn heel by wrestlemania though.


      For the first time in I can’t remember how long, WWE is interesting again. I just hope they can keep this going. But no matter what WWE will always kick TNA’s ass!!!

    • starkiller22

      Either way u look at it this is getting quite the reaction and i love it. Im glad it brings cena out of character he’s to fake as it is. Just let them go, and i think WWE is. I think after 7 yrs most fans are over the fact that Rock left. It was a smart move for him really. there was nothing left for him at the time, and he’s not considered washed up cause it was able to keep his character fresh. I doubt Cena will go heel, people will just boo and thats that. If anything this will help get the Miz over which is what WWE has been trying to do for quite sometime now

    • The Rock

      i think this is wwe plan in luring the rock in returning full time in wrestling..

      • DaFish

        I have been a wwf/wwe fan for over a decade and im only 28. My problem with wrestling wwe and TNA is that its getting predictable! Now people will say its been predictable for years and that maybe true, but now its getting to thge point where the wwe can announce plans over a month ahead and i know whats gonna happen cause its following a trend at the moment! And that trend is everyone people hate, Miz, Cole and others are getting what they want! I will go out on a limb and say, cena will loose to miz, king will loose to cole, and the game will break the steak!

    • Hollow Bonez

      ???? excuse me??

    • Eddie

      The messed up part is john and miz keep hypin rock by saying his name…but I think they’re keeping cena n rock from actual being in ring together. Like they did with HHH and Batista for WM 21. n I hope they don’t keep the fued until WM 28, yes it’ll b billed n miami where the rocks “from”..Batista was billed from DC but was living in Miami….jus sayin

    • Orion

      In this feud we are going to rediscover why cena is at the top. The rock has been brought in to bring out the best in cena . When you look at the best over the years, hhh rock Austin edge y2k they have never fully been baby faces , more half and half. When things kidded off for cena he was more a heel if anything. So hopefully rock will bring a darker side out of cena and it will reignite the industry even more.

      • Orion

        …undertaker , orten the list goes on

      • Random guy

        Cena is on top because that where WWE put him. If WWE was listening to the fans, Cena probably wouldn’t even be in the company anymore.

    • ravi

      john cena is a poor man’s rock wen it comes to wrestling as well as mic skills
      the rock a 9 time world champion is a legend…he has headlined with AUSTIN,HOGAN,HHH,ANGLE,JERICHO,TAKER,BIG SHOW,BOOKER T,BENOIT,MANKIND…AND “PRODUCED GREAT MATCHES””..most imporatantly…the samoan drop….DDT…superplex…spine buster…the rock bottom…the peoples elbow….sharkshooter..flying clostheline…overthrow belly-belly…AND “LAYING THE SMACKETHDOWN”..WAT ELSE DOES A GREAT WRESTLER NEED…?? HE IS 100 TIMES BETTER THAN CENA

    • ravi

      u must be a 10yr old kid…IT DOESNT MATTER WAT U SAY…john cena is a poor man’s brahma bull….john cena’s candy ass is on the line at wm27

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