John Cena Speaks On His Future, Following In The Rock’s Footsteps & More

Posted by Matt Boone June 19, 2014 17 Comments

The following are highlights of a new interview with John Cena:

On his career and his future: “A lot’s happened. Physically, I’m just getting started. There’s plenty left to do. Every day is another opportunity. So it’s been a long and great ride.”

On if he’d like to follow in The Rock’s footsteps after his WWE career: “Oh, no. Dwayne? There’s only one Dwayne Johnson. I’d like to be myself, so I’ll find a path doing something. I don’t know if it’s going to be filling his shoes. He’s set the bar pretty high.”

Check out the complete interview at

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    • Peep4Life

      Dear Lord, please don’t let Super Cena win the titles again…. PLEAAAASE

      • NotATroll

        Heel Cena for titles

        • Karl

          I concur with that

      • D

        Cena needs to win the belts now, so he can be the one to drop them to Lesnar or Batista at Summerslam.

        • Nez92

          Cena, Orton, Bryan, Reigns, Ziggler, Rollins, etc. winning right now…..seems to only worsen everything.
          Any of them being champion right now sucks and it’s no damn good.
          I HATE THIS!!!!
          **thumbs down** BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • Matt

        Face Cena for titles! It’s gonna happen!

    • SAL

      If Cena wins the belt, he’ll be one reign away from tying with Ric Flair, and I do not want that to happen, 16 time world champ wooooo!!!

      • Jack Deuce

        Orton winning the belt right now sucks! Reigns winning the belt sucks!
        Bryan winning the belt sucks!
        Ziggler winning the belt sucks!

        • Ryan GODling

          Ziggler winning does not suck at all.

    • Kris Marconi

      As soon as Cena won the last spot in the MITB match I immediately lost all interest because of the 99% chance that Super Cena will inevitably win. I guess 10+ years of the same thing is cool with WWE. If someone else wins I will honestly be flabbergasted.

      • Fezdo

        Cena winning sucks!
        He shouldn’t win the belt.

        • Skoolueverytime

          WTF Cena is one of the best wrestlers they have he has given many talents chances to win and even fallen so they can make a name for themselves get it right Cena is the best in the biz! He is fair and let bryan win and most all that go up against him! So stop all u hatin people and realize Cena is the man!

    • Bungeeclub

      I love this guy, got style and class. Can do just about anything that he wants to do. I wish him the best.

    • Josh

      Die, Cena, Die!!!

    • Robert Knight

      I don’t mind Cena continuing to Wrestling, but Vince, do not give him more Titles. Plenty of Young talent coming. Let them take over and lead.

    • Jeremy

      “Every day is another opportunity” What he was thinking as he was saying that. Every day is another opportunity for me to get the belt and bury another wrestler.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says the “Super Cena” gimmick needs to go. It’s tired & old. Everyone knows Cena will never turn heel (wish he would), but his gimmick needs an overhaul.

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