John Cena Suffering From Eye Injury, Doesn’t Work Scheduled WWE Event

Posted by Matt Boone February 2, 2014 4 Comments

WWE Superstar John Cena did not work at the live event in Kansas City on Sunday as scheduled. It was announced during the show that Cena is suffering from some type of eye injury. Refunds were offered to fans in attendance.

With Cena out, Daniel Bryan came out and challenged Randy Orton, Cena’s originally scheduled opponent, for the main event.

  • Undertaker316

    It’s john Cena he could break every bone in his body and he will still be back next week to disappoint us all lol

  • Derp

    It would be good for the company if John Cena, Randy Orton, and Boretista all disappeared…if even for at least a year. They can’t be their golden boys forever. And aside from Bryan, Ziggler, and MAYBE Reigns…they have no one to take place of those generics that are currently in the spotlight.

  • D

    Well, if Cena goes down with an injury then at least they’ve got Bryan to get back in there against Wyatt at Mania.

  • ariel

    @ undertaker you are hilarious
    yeah its true he has major surgery and always returns the same month
    Daniel bryan needs to main event anyways and they need to start working with developmental or the training facility to groom some new main eventers for the next generation because theres nobody
    and all the big guys from last year and this year rock lesnar orton cena batista are all in their late 30s and on up

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