John Cena Suffers Eye Injury, Possible Concussion (Photo Included)

Posted by Matt Boone June 8, 2014 10 Comments

John Cena suffered an eye injury of some sort during his match with Bray Wyatt at the WWE live event on Saturday night.

According to a fan report from the show, the injury took place when Wyatt was delivering multiple headbutts to Cena in the corner of the ring. Whatever happened that caused the injury was serious enough that Cena’s eye was reportedly swollen shut. There has been some talk that Cena may have suffered a possible concussion as well.

As soon as the injury happened, the referee threw up the “X” symbol and trainers rushed to the ring to check on Cena. To Cena’s credit, after being checked out for a bit, he did finish the match.

Below is a photo of Cena being attended to by the ringside medical staff:

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    • Jeremy

      Uh oh! Bray hurt the companys top yes man. Bray will definitely be buried now and Cena will be given a WWE purple heart by Vince. A special video will be played on the titantron for Cena swollen eye and little children and soccer moms will cry.

      • herp

        Definitely agree. Wyatt has now been demoted to khali/tensai status.

        • Bob

          Don’t you realize what’s going on?!
          Now WWE is trying to make Bray Wyatt out to be some bad guy….while trying to make John Cena into seeming like he’s some good guy. That concept sucks even more insultingly and objectionably.
          Cena won’t ever stop harming people who watch WWE.

      • Connor

        Cena wasn’t physically injured. He faked the injury. If Bray Wyatt had actually injured him physically speaking, John Cena wouldn’t have finished the match nor would he have been injury free. That’s what happened. Bray Wyatt didn’t cause nor give John Cena a concussion. If he had done so, he’d be blamed for doing it and be labled as being a so-called, “bad guy”.
        How about all the fucking times that John Cena has antagonized, insulted, offended, lied to people, lied about people in WWE, accused them of wrongfully doing things they never did?! Now suddenly, John Cena gets to be labeled as being some kind of good guy.
        Oh, please.
        That’s extremely insulting and fucked up that John Cena is being said to be injured….yet, he was wrestling in a tag team match that same night…with a supposedly swollen eye. If he did get a swollen eye he wouldn’t have wrestled in a tag team match nor would he have teamed up with The Usos against The Wyatt Family.
        WWE airing anything about the stupid eye injury Cena’s supposed to have gotten during his match vs. Bray Wyatt…SUCKS!!!!. Unless they want to make people who watch WWE feel like they’re the ones to blame for it happening. When in fact, John Cena is at fault for antagonizing, insulting and annoying Bray Wyatt, as well as other WWE Superstars, and people who watch WWE.

      • SJ

        Orton being romantically involved with Kim Marie or being her boyfriend sucks beyond objectionably hateful, lousy, no-good, crookedly and extremely badly, worse than horribly lameassed, unjust, unfair, wrongly and rottenly!!!!
        *Thumbs down*

    • Kyle James Larson

      It was fun while it lasted wyatt. And to keep cena happy expect him to get the title back.

      • SJ

        Orton being in a romantic relationship with Kim Marie sucks even more offensively and absolutely objectionably than hell!!!

        • NotATroll

          do you have the hotts for randall?

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says don’t worry boys & girls, Johnboy will be ok. After all, he’s Super Cena, the indestructible cash cow of the WWE. Hell, now he could sell a Super Cena eye patch in some loud florescent color at the arenas & to make more money.

      • Twyzler Free

        John Cena shouldn’t be allowed to disrespect the WWE and people who watch WWE like he’s been doing and he shouldn’t be Super Cena or not Super Cena. He shouldn’t be the indestructable cash cow of WWE because he has been using the ideas of fans without their express permission.
        The WWE shouldn’t allow Cena to sell a Super Cena eye patch in some loud flourescent color at arenas and on to make more money. He shouldn’t be allowed to remain in WWE. He should have to leave
        WWE and not return to WWE.
        Because he has made WWE into something it shouldn’t be at all.

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