John Cena Talks Retirement & Says His Brand Is Worth $100 Million A Year

Posted by Brad Davis November 26, 2013 7 Comments

WWE’s World Heavyweight champion John Cena was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on FOX Business on Tuesday morning to promote his new line of children’s clothing, available exclusively at Kmart. Cena made a number of newsworthy comments during the segment, talking about how long he plans to continue wrestling and revealing that his character generates $100 million a year for WWE.

Regarding his new clothing line, Cena said, “Essentially, the message of the clothing is to empower you through a positive messageI think that’s why we were able to leverage our brand (WWE), my brand especially with Kmart, because it wasn’t just a typical sponsor deal. A lot of athletes get a sponsorship – ‘here’s your upfront money, we’re going to use your likeness.’ I wanted to hold on to my asset, do it correctly, and create an inspirational line. So, it’s not a ‘wrestling-driven’ line. The line is called ‘Never Give Up,’ and truly my character on WWE plays one of aspiration, inspiration, and motivation. I try to defy all odds and do what I can to do the right thing.”

He added, “Kmart picked up on this concept. And, from a branding standpoint, I just didn’t outright leverage myself; I wanted a piece and equity in the brand. So, there was upfront money, plus equity in the brand.”

When asked about how long he continues to wrestle, Cena says he made a pact with himself to “gracefully walk away” from WWE when he feels like he can’t hang with the young wrestlers on the roster anymore. 36-year-old Cena said that most professional athletes are winding down their careers in their mid-30’s, but stopped short of saying how close he is to retirement.

“A lot of these athletes that are married to their sport think this is going to last forever,” Cena said. “Then, they blow out an ACL, they look around when they’re 35 or 36 and their career is coming to an end and they act like the income stream is going to continue.”

“I truly am obsessed with my action in the ring, but I am also truly obsessed with the business of WWE,” he said. “I enjoy the workings of the company and how we create success in WWE, both in a brand perspective and an individual perspective. So, I take the model that my boss Vince McMahon has stretched out throughout the globe and try to copy it at an individual level.”

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    • Evelyn L. Ford

      Okay, you know, this is surprising that he wouldn’t turn heel at all, given the fact that, during his tenure in OVW, back when they were WWE Developmental over a decade ago, Cena was most certainly a heel- if y’all seen his PROTOTYPE days, he was with Bolin Services; that was a heel stable and they were mean; but Cena is still one the greatest wrestlers I’ve ever seen; another wrestler who I met in OVW who was in Bolin Services at the same time- another great from WWE and American Gladiators- Rico Costantino, Cena’s tag team partner during OVW.

      • Troy Bennett

        cena is not a wrestler hes an entertainer people like cm punk bryan kofi there wrestlers but people like cena hogan goldberg nash r entertainers and its obvious who is which one look at hogan and cena both have only done 6-8 moves in any match cena’s entire moveset is shoulder tackle 5 knuckle shuffle the FU STFU leg drop from the top, hogan has the leg drop the big boot 4 punches in the corner, nash powerbomb knee to the gut sidewalk slam elbow in the corner. goldberg has the spear the suplex and kick to the gut. notice how all of these guys have less than 8 moves and there all basic moves. now look at cm punk i can name at least 15 moves he does off the top of my head same with bryan and kofi. the differance is wrestlers have ring psycology entertainers just go out do some boring moves and get paid a shit ton.

        • troll

          cm punks 15 moves are to the head.

        • think it out

          When you go to the circus, do you only go to see one specific thing? Or do you go to see all different types of things? Or maybe
          you yell at the clowns for not walking on the tight rope like the other guys. All types make the circus a success.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny knows this is why Nikki Bella loves John Cena so much. Btw, Nikki spells love; M-O-N-E-Y. What a gold digger!

    • Kage

      If his clothing line is all about sending a positive message to children, then more power to him!

    • Evan Lygeros

      I got no beef with Cena. He’s part of the Entertainment catagory of wrestlers who put butts in the seats. As long as that merch is selling, he’ll be a face and that’s great. But you can tell, when that heel turn comes one day, it will be massive.

      The only question is: Will WWE let it be organic the way it plays out the way it was for Hogan? Or will they try to control it to the tiniest detail and make it loose whatever impact it could have.

      Stay tuned another 5 years and find out! :p

      PS: good on Cena for wanting to be a positive example.

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