Cena interviewed By Austin: Talent Walking On Eggshells, Big Changes In WWE

Posted by Brad Davis February 18, 2014 0 Comment

The latest episode of the Steve Austin Show podcast is now online with Stone Cold’s special guest, . Here are some highlights of what Cena talked about:

– He turns 37 in April and still feels like he can keep up with anyone in WWE.

– He admitted that WWE officials have created a “walking on eggshells” environment and wishes there was more positive reinforcement from management.

– Many WWE superstars are fearful for their jobs and are “not willing” to take the next step with their careers.

– WWE is on the cusp of having a true all-star roster for the first time in a long time.

– There are big changes going on behind the scenes with how WWE will be presenting the product, moving towards more action and less talk.

– Cena talked about recently working with at the Performance Center for a Muscle & Fitness photo shoot. Cena said he likes to get to know talents on a personal basis when WWE is ready to push them to the main event.

(Source: PodcastOne.com)

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