John Cena To Make Historic Announcement On RAW

Posted by Brad Davis June 25, 2012 25 Comments

John Cena says he plans to make an historic announcement on tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow. Cena tweeted on Monday afternoon:

After checking in with a source in WWE, we can report that nobody really knows what the announcement will be yet.

It’s possible Cena will announce that he’ll be participating in his first Money in the Bank match at next month’s pay-per-view.

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    • JZAG13

      WHO CARES?!?!?!

    • jzag13

      WHO CARES!?!?!?!?!?

    • WWE Fan

      hows that historic?, Cena in the money in the bank???. How is that ground breaking stuff?.

      • Mr 561

        Cena’s never wrestled in a MITB match …

        • Unknown

          doesn’t mean its historic or ground breaking

    • 40#awg

      Hopefully it’s that he’s retiring from professional wrestling because he now realizes he’s an overrated womenizer that noone cares about.

    • Giselle Contreras

      cant watch it

    • Ice

      Let’s hope he’s calling Retirement!

    • Tony Schiavone

      Be sure to set your VCR’s because this is going to be the greatest night in the history of our sport!

    • Jason C

      Won’t be watching due to Vicky being the GM…

    • Goldberg

      Who’s NEXT!

    • Kevg247

      It will prob be him entering the money in the bank se scoops reported that he will be getting back in the title picture

    • Steve O

      All in favour of not watching say “I” I guess the I’s have it no Raw for me tonight

    • Cenasucks

      he s going to join the kiss my ass club ?

      • ExtremeWrestlingFan

        He already has

    • Matt Rayfield

      the one good thing about vickie being gm for the week is that it is not johnny ace. the bad is she will give ziggler and swagger title shots over people who really deserve them. As for Cena it won’t be retirement it will be something else predictable like he will be in the money in the bank ladder match for the raw side of the title. since they will soon be doing cena vs punk for the billionth time.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      If Cena sold popcorn, cut a promo, set up the ring, announced, had a match, took tickets, kept the bathrooms stocked with paper towels & toilet paper, did the Diva’s hair & makeup, wrote storylines, got coffee for Vince, tied HHH’s ponytail, polished Kane’s mask, washed, waxed & detailed Del Rio’s car, tested the pyro, drove the 18 wheelers, talked to Little Jimmy, changed Hornswoggle’s diaper, stocked the Diva’s locker room with feminine products, picked out Ryback’s jobbers to crush, beat some more ugly into Lesner’s face, rub oil on Otunga, take out the trash, usher fans to their seat, work security, sign autographs, throw out wristbands, hats & t-shirts, take pictures, re-enforce the Big Show’s toilet, lift the Titantron into place, smack Michael Cole around just for fun & eat some JR bbq after working up quite an appetite, now that would historic.

    • pooping12

      its going to be home going for the wwe title

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      He’s announcing his new engagement to Michael Cole?

    • Unknown

      I honestly dont see why people hate the man. Its not like he went around to peoples face and dissed them all. He is probably only one of the few wrestlers who has always been there for wwe since their debut. I always ask ppl why they hate him. Is it because of his hostle loyalty respect thing, his rise above hate, his clothes?? like honestly why the hell do ppl hate him. what matters is the fact that at the end of the day he is there for the fans whether u like it or not. He brings smiles to the ppl in Make a Wish foundation, and to those who look up to him. I think he is doing a great job but as much as i think he is a great wrestler i still believe he needs to turn heel.

    • Papa G

      He’s coming out of the closet and Brock Lesnar is his secret lover.

    • ……

      He’s going to challenge for BOTH the WWE Championship AND the World Heavyweight Championship….

    • wwe sucks

      cena in mitb… is that the big announcement.. wtf….. waste of mitb match… now we know one winner already…. mitb is supposed to put over new rising stars… wtf… ppl get ready for cena’s 1000 title regin as baby face…

      • wwe sucks

        why dont ppl stop watching wwe on cable tv or buy ppv… there are thousnd free streaming pirate sites if u want to watch that badly.. atleast hurt there ratings.. so they think of firing that bitch cena.. and start working better again to save the company…

    • Jesse Sutton

      thats an old post

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