John Cena Wants Rematch with The Rock, Kelly Kelly Featured

Posted by Matt Boone August 14, 2012 4 Comments

- Kelly Kelly is featured in the “Superstar Spotlight” on

– John Cena was interviewed by Steven Muehlhausen of The Fight Club Chicago pro wrestling/MMA radio show at the Chicago Comic-Con last week. Cena was asked about the Rock’s return at The Royal Rumble to face whomever the WWE Champion is.

“I think about Wrestlemania every single day, whether is for the WWE Championship or not,” Cena admitted. “I would like another shot to face The Rock.”

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    • Josh

      Of course he would. Right now, we don’t know what would happen or what the writers have in mind… But Punk/Rock would be something people want to see and MIGHT push Cena out of the WM spotlight. We already saw Rock/Cena at WM and they both performed wonderfully. But Punk/Rock would be a completely different monster and would be a different kind of sell.

      I’m against a rematch here. Normally I’m not anti-rematch as many people here are. But I think Punk/Rock would be a different kind of draw for WM. Let’s face it. If you let Punk and Rock do their things on the mic and just go, it has the potential to skyrocket into a REAL moneymaker for WM as opposed to the Cena rematch.

    • Undertaker316

      no one wants to see rock vs cena again

    • 40 dawg

      Cena needs to get over it and face the fact that if the rock would of stayed in wwf/e cena wouldn’t of had the chance to be as big a superstar as he currently is.

    • abhishek shinde

      now john cena can beat rock

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