John Cena’s Knee Injury Likely A Work

Posted by Brad Davis February 25, 2014 12 Comments

One of the big stories coming out of Monday’s RAW was that John Cena appeared to injure his knee during a brawl with The Wyatt Family. The injury appeared legit, with the Wyatt Family backing off Cena when he started grabbing his knee and Cena waving off WWE officials who attempted to check on him.

Several reputable sites (including reported that Cena was in fact injured, however, we’ve now learned that John Cena being stretchered out was actually written into the RAW script. The stretcher was ready to go even before Cena went out to the ring.

WWE hyped a “medical update” on John Cena for the RAW Backstage Pass show on the WWE Network, so this was basically done to encourage viewers to check out the WWE Network after RAW.

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    • Undertaker316

      its most likely legit no way john cena can sell that well

      • Lee Macko

        One can only hope…

      • Nazobi

        No. Cena can sell that well. he’s been acting for at least 10 years now. so he’d have to be good at it.

    • Michael Cole

      Breaking news: cm punk quit wwe

      • Will $teel

        also a work

    • Dan Pedreyra

      People are such marks….its a work……He s done this before.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says John Cena will go into a phone booth (wait, we don’t have those anymore)….aah, he gets inside a cell phone app & turns into Super Cena & makes a miraculous recovery beat the forces of evil known as the Wyatt Family.

      • Stuart Moulding

        Yep he’ll get destroyed for 20 mins or so and then out of nowhere hit the 5 moves of doom and get the win

        • Russel Nevvysyke

          No. That’s not how things should go anymore. i’d rather see an assertive, aggressive lil skin’ead chick kick cents and baristas ass with her boyfriend,…the badass viper who used to be aggressive and assertive, from 2008-09—randy keith orton!!! they ought to be allowed to look out for , protect and defend each other. but how the hell is that type of story supposed to work?? www has got to allow it. cause if they don’t….wwe’s doomed.

      • Knuckle Girl

        the only force of evil in wwe is john cena.
        so how the fuck do we get him to stop being like he is? i mean, how do people get through to wwe that they are completely sick and tired of super cena and of the non super cena…and they also want him to stop harming them like he always does and gets away with doing to them and to other www superststars, divas announcers and those in the audience??!!

    • Bam Bam

      Well I would think a stretcher is ready before every match just in case something goes wrong. Even tho I’m not a cena fan I do hope it’s a work cause I don’t wish injury on ppl for no reason. It usually comes to backfire on me.

      • troll

        i agree.
        btw your “bam bam” reminds me of the family guy episode i saw yesterday. where clevelands wife cheats and peter reenacts it saying “bam bam bam… bam bam.” lol

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