John Laurinaitis Has His Duties with WWE Cut Back, Speculation on His Future

Posted by Matt Boone June 14, 2012 9 Comments

We noted before that Paul Levesque (Triple H) is now listed as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations on WWE’s corporate website, instead of John Laurinaitis. This is a change making official what has been the case for a while. Laurinaitis has worked under Triple H and Triple H has hired new people like Canyon Cemen and Jane Geddes. Geddes is Vice President of Talent Relations and is doing a lot of the work Laurinaitis was doing. Cemen is running Talent Development and is reporting to Triple H.

Laurinaitis has had many of his duties reduced as of late and the expectation is that his job will be changed in some form down the line as Triple H puts his own hires in key positions. Laurinaitis is still booking WWE live events but the writers are more involved in that as there is a movement within the company to make the live events more like the TV shows. Laurinaitis is also doing the talent payroll but has been spending more time on the road as a talent.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Triple H

      “No man is bigger than the WWE but ME!”

      • reality


        Stephanie McMahon Levesque


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    • Matt Rayfield

      the only man bigger then the wwe is vkm.

    • Mark Henry

      HHH hired Canyon Cemen? I thought Canyon was dead and why would he be hiring his cemen anyways?

      • Macho Man Lives

        Chris Kanyon is the wrestler thaat’s dead, this is someone completely different.

    • This Fire Burns

      it’s official!Triple H is burying people when it comes to office work too!

      This Fire Burns Always…ALWAYS!
      PS:srsly gimme my theme back.

    • Chris Pirolo

      thee game is ruff to work with anywhere ehh?

    • Broski

      I want the CHARACTER John Laurinatis fired on Raw, not the real life John Laurinaitis! Screw you HHH!

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