Josh Matthews Released By WWE

Posted by Brad Davis June 25, 2014 10 Comments

Longtime WWE announcer Josh Matthews has been released from the company, according to a report at

His profile has already been moved to the “Alumni” section of, but no official statement has been made as of this writing.

Mathews has been with the company since the original Tough Enough reality series on MTV. In recent years, he served as an announcer and was most recently hosting the RAW, SmackDown and pay-per-view kickoff and post-game shows on the WWE Network.

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    • charley ramirez

      WTF is going on behind the scenes that’s getting all these people fired.

      • Joseph James

        Vince got sued recently, lost over half a million in cash….my guess not enough to pay these superstars

        • Guest

          Yeah that’s not. What happened.

    • HELLO

      Are you guys serious? Misspelling the name of someone who’s been with WWE for a dozen years? On the day he gets fired no less. This website is a joke.

      • Joe Hawkuns

        Maybe they were typing too quickly and accidentally misspelled his last name because they dissociated when they were typing due to being upset and feeling badly about it but not usually ahoqinf…..NOT USUALLY showing that they are upset about this happening.
        Maybe Josh Matthews needs to take a breather and return to
        WWE in the future. Maybe he wasn’t happy about things being so wrong in WWE most or even all the time so he decided to take a leave of absence and will return when things improve and are better.

        • Smark

          Mathews! MaThews! Ma-“one T”-hews. And they spelled it wrong three times. It wasn’t a typo. It’s lack of research/knowledge

    • Joseph James

      Who the deuce was Josh Matthews, I remember a Josh Mathews but thought he was gone years ago

    • Knickout

      Damm! At first I read Michael Cole…

    • Nicholas Williams

      Why are people so shocked my the releases.. Ever so often there is a string of releases in WWE. Besides for every wrestler they cut from the main roster they can get 2 or 3 wrestlers for NXT for the same price.

      • Guest

        Who they’ll bring up to the main roster and underutilize before firing them

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